Food Tour In Delhi

Food Tour In Delhi

New Delhi , India

Menu details

A food tour with us covers:

Unlimited food and drinks with 15-18 dishes from best and oldest food joins in Old Delhi as well as New Delhi.
City walk tour of Old Delhi including Chandni Chowk, Hindu, Jain and Sikh temples, some heritage monuments and old bazaars.
Visit to a charitable kitchen which serves more than 10000 people.
Tour of biggest spice market in India.
Pickup drop from hotel, airport in air-conditioned car.
Cycle rickshaw and battery rickshaw rides in Old Delhi.
Food walk, city tour and sightseeing of New Delhi in one tour.
Introduction to Indian food and Delhi.


Food Tour In Delhi

Food Tour In Delhi


Enjoy an award winning Indian street food tour and city walk of Delhi, tasting up to 20 Indian dishes in their authentic form from traditional haunts. Discover some

Food tour Delhi

off-beat attractions in Old and New Delhi while tasting the very best in Indian food.


A Tour of authentic Indian street food in Delhi
We offer customized Indian street food + sight seeing city walk tours in Delhi for small private groups. Duration of an average tour is 6-7 hours and includes 16-18 Indian food dishes from different places. For the tour, we will pick up from a convenient location, preferably central Delhi, guide you around the places agreed beforehand, pay for your food + non-alcoholic drinks and drop you back at your hotel. We’ll guide you about the dish, the way to eat it and even it’s history if you’d like. For example, did you know that butter chicken was invented in a restaurant called Moti Mahal located in Daryaganj, central Delhi ? The tour will include not just the food attractions, but also some great landmarks and offbeat but worth visiting places of Delhi.
Timing of the tour is set by preferences of the guests. The tours can begin in morning as well as evening.
The tour locations are set by different areas of Delhi. Our most popular street food tours by order are in Old Delhi, South Delhi, Central, East, West and North. Depending upon which places you want to see and food you want to enjoy, we can arrange food tour of one or more than one area.The eating part will include sampling different varieties of food from various places in the itinerary. Food is all that you can eat, but we’ll advise you to have a little of everything and enjoy the variety. We place a lot of stress on hygiene and only trusted and safe vendors which serve good and hygienic food are on our list. Apart from the usual and must see, you’ll also see some under-rated and less explored places of Delhi which very few people know about. These places are not listed on most tourist guides.

Lahaul Spiti, Chandrataal, Manali Tour Package

Lahaul Spiti, Chandrataal, Manali Tour Package

This holiday package starting from Shimla, covers most of Lahaul Spiti valley before ending in Manali. It’s a good plan for a small group of friends, families and young couples who want a holiday with fun, adventure and breathtaking sights without too much exertion.

  • TRANSPORT : In a private car or SUV with driver. Adventure holidays in Himalayas
  • ACCOMMODATION: In hotels, guest houses and camps.
  • ACTIVITIES: Camping, Trekking,  Bird watching, Jungle safari,  Cultural activities,
  • MEALS: Breakfast on all days. More meals optional
  • PHYSICAL LEVEL: Any one. Almost anyone can do it without any problem
  • DURATION: 13 Days

Hamta Pass to Chandrataal Lake Trek

Hamta Pass to Chandrataal Lake Trek

  • TRANSPORT : On foot.
  • DURATION: 7 Days
  • ACTIVITY: Camping, Trekking, Mountain climbing, Bird watching,
  • MEALS: Variable
  • PHYSICAL LEVEL: Intermediate.

This trekking route in Himalayas takes trekkers through a wide variety of terrain which  Trekking route Hampta Pass to Chandra Taal Lake campincludes open meadows, glacial valleys, high mountain pass and pine forests. It’s very hard to find such a trekking option anywhere in the world which can offer so much variety in such a short period. The trek begins from lush green Kullu valley, passes through high altitude cold desert of Lahaul valley  and ends in stunningly beautiful Chandrataal (Moon Lake) Lake.

Cooking With A Chef

Cooking With A Chef

Our aim is to provide the maximum possible amount of knowledge in shortest time.We don’t believe in running classes according to a set schedule. But just to make things easier for people who are not very familiar with Indian food, we offer following different types of classes. Please note that, these are meant only as guidelines and the guests can pick and choose any dish that they’d like to learn to cook in any type of class.The number of dishes covered is limited only by time and expertise of guests.

Half day crash course in Indian cooking

Average duratio

Indian cooking with a chef

n : 5 hours
Indian food dishes covered:

3-4 Indian snacks like pakora, samosa,
2 Desserts : kheer, halwa
2  pulses (lentils)  vegetable curry and dishes
Rice pulao and roti (Indian bread)
1 drink Lassi (Sweet, Salty or flavoured)

Delhi Bar Crawl

Delhi Bar Crawl

New Delhi , India

Menu details

Discover the nightlife of New Delhi, visit the best bars and explore the city like no one else does.
The Delhi Pub Crawl starts at 7:30 pm from Connaught Place from where we will begin our journey. After visiting any two of our bars over there, we will get in to our car to hit other bars in the city.

Rules for the bar crawls
As with everything, there are a few rules and guidelines which are written below and every guest has to follow them. Fortunately, these are not too tough and there is no small text for ease of reading.

Minimum drinking age in New Delhi is 25 years. No alcohol will be served to guests below this age.
Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited, We will provide transport during the crawl and drop off later.
During the pub crawl, we all move together as a group of friends having a fun night out.
Any accessories provided during the pub crawl like scarves, badges, bandanas or whatever should be in your possession and visible at all times. In many places, they are used as identifiers.
Possession and consumption of illicit narcotics is not condoned and we will not be responsible for any issues arising due to it.
You don’t have to drink if you don’t want to. This whole thing is about having a good time.
Delhi Bar Crawl team reserves the right to exclude any guest from current and all future pub crawls in case of misbehaviour.
If you need any help or have any questions, please contact any one Delhi Bar Crawl crew.
We will not be responsible for any health or legal problem arising directly or indirectly due to consumption of beverages, food or any other thing during the pub crawl.

Lahaul Spiti Spiritual Journey & Meditation Retreats

Lahaul Spiti Spiritual Journey & Meditation Retreats

  • TRANSPORT : On foot and In a private or shared car or SUV with driver.
  • DURATION: Variable
  • ACCOMMODATION: In home stays, monasteries and campsites according to choice.
  • ACTIVITY: Trekking,  Yoga, Meditation, Cultural activities, Volunteer activities
  • MEALS: Variable
  • PHYSICAL LEVEL: Anyone.Lahaul Spiti, Kaza Monastery. Meditation retreats

The unmatched solitude, silence and closeness to nature offered by the rugged and beautiful land of Lahaul Spiti is hard to find somewhere else. The residents of this region have been practising Buddhism and meditation for thousands of years in their homes, mountains, caves and monasteries.  Lahaul Spiti is one of the best places in the world to connect with your spiritual side and spend some time meditating and getting close to nature.

A dedicated meditation attempt may last a few hours to a few years in a variety of locations with a variety of meditation philosophies and spiritual paths.  We can help spiritual travellers with arranging any kind of journey with meditation. Our infrastructure and staff sourced from local population of the region will help you make most of your spiritual journey in to Himalayan mountains of Lahaul Spiti.

The meditation tour packages that we offer mix a variety of attraction starting from visits and stays in monasteries, home stays with monks and local families and meditation sessions in a variety of locations including special meditational caves which have been in use by monks for thousands of years.